Over the course of many years, X&Zero has diligently organized unique walks and private brand experiences for Walkitecture in and around the heart of South Bombay. These walks explore iconic heritage landmarks, obscure buildings, vibrant lanes, and unique architecture. The idea behind these experiences was to curate knowledgeable tours, sharing the profound history of the city’s early architecture along with the significance of art.
TARQ and XXL Gallery in collaboration with Walkitecture curated a riveting experience named “Walking with Walkitecture” across the artistic and architectural miles of the Fort neighborhood walking through the art Nikhil Mahashur decodes the story, meaning, and messages behind the urban contemporary along with post-graffiti art pieces. The overall experience brought in every colour and detail to notice and unveiled emerging young artists with their artistry and also dove into the early significance of art and its evolution over the decades.

X&Zero’s two-prong approach, both online through content and offline through immersive experiences, not only generated organic content for social media but also raised awareness for Walkitecture and its founder, Nikhil Mahashur.

Walkitecture is a passion project started by Nikihil Mahashur, an Architect and Restorer who explores South Bombay through immersive walking tours with architecture enthusiasts. During these tours, he shares interesting information and facts about the unexplored architectural buildings and sites of Bombay.

Mumbai-based XXL Gallery has a unique concept, showcasing Indian and renowned international urban contemporary art, along with post-graffiti art. The gallery encourages diverse artistic practices reflective of styles and mediums influenced by built environments.
Art Gallery TARQ was founded by Hena Kapadia with the core value of creating a meaningful conversation around art and its myriad connotations and contexts. TARQ’s youthful and experimental ethos encourages collectors, both novice and seasoned, to approach art collecting through a perspective that marries thoughtfulness with an inquisitive eye for aesthetics and artistic processes.