Delivery Partner – Shipyaari

Shipyaari is a story of two friends who dreamt of building something that supported customer’s growing challenges and logistical needs.

With a mission to bridge the service gap in the logistics industry Shipyaari was founded in 2013 by Vishal Totla and Nayan Ratandhayara, a Chartered Accountant duo (read: non-tech guys). From humble beginnings, Shipyaari has grown into a technology platform that helps businesses of all sizes to ship their products seamlessly – a preferred choice for over 25000 Indian businesses from across the county.

Our offerings have grown over the years to include solutions within the logistics universe required for the businesses we serve, all while maintaining customer service as our foremost priority.

Our dream is to empower customers and businesses to buy and sell products irrespective of their geography. We believe our dreams will allow entrepreneurs to chase theirs, and customers to become a key part of it. As India works towards its 5 trillion dollar goal, we intend to be the enablers driving this vision. We’ve seen small businesses i.e. Cubs living their aspirations to become Lion brands, and we want to provide them the access to world class logistics solutions. It’s to this end that we will continue to provide best-in-class technology and customer support to ensure that businesses, agnostic of their size, have the necessary tools and support to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

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